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I click Start Dictation button but no text appears when I speak [Windows]

This is the most common issue we see because there are a host of different reasons why this can happen.  Because of that, this article is fairly long, but don't let that put you off, as most of the steps are straightforward, and you'll be dictating in no time.   If you get stuck or lost anywhere along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


These steps are for troubleshooting a Windows PC. 

If you are using a Mac, click here.


The first step is to determine if the waveform is moving when you speak.   Look at the waveform beside Stop Dictation and determine if it is moving when you speak. 

waveform moving

This will tell us if Talkatoo is receiving your voice from the microphone. 

If the waveform is moving when you speak, click here

If the waveform is NOT moving when you speak, click here


Waveform is moving when I speak

  1. Verify the cursor is in a text field by clicking where you want the text, and try speaking again.
  2. Restart Talkatoo by clicking the 3 dots, then Quit, and relaunch Talkatoo from your desktop or Start menu.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Ensure Talkatoo is up to date. Try reinstalling it from our website.
  5. Test in another application like Notepad, Microsoft Word or your email.
    If it works there, but not in your Practice Management Software, such as AviMark (or any other Covetrus program), Talkatoo may need to be run as an administrator to match the PMS’ security level.  See this article for more information.


    Waveform is not moving when I speak

    This can also lead to the message "No MIcrophone detected".

    1. Check that the desired microphone is selected in Talkatoo (as of Version 1.6.0) by clicking the 3 dots and clicking Settings.  Prior to this version, Talkatoo will always use the default microphone selected in your operating system (see step 2).tsoundsettings
    2. Check that Windows is hearing your voice.
      1. Right click the speaker icon, and choose Open Sound Settingssoundsettings1-1
      2. Ensure the desired microphone is selected here.
      3. Ensure that the green line below test your microphone moves when you speak.
        If it is not moving, this may indicate a microphone issue.  Test it on another device if possible, and see this article for more information.
    3. Check your Microphone Privacy Settings as that might be preventing Talkatoo from accessing the microphone.  Click here for details


      These steps should take care of most causes of Talkatoo not dictating.   If you're still unable to dictate, please give us a call at 1-855-886-2156 or email support@talkatoo.com.  You can also book a support session at a time that works for you.