Privacy settings in Windows 10 blocking access

Windows security settings are blocking microphone access. You might see a message saying "No mic permissions!"

Message showing "No mic permissions"
  1. Click Start and type microphone, click on Microphone Privacy Settings when it appears.
  2. Ensure that Allow apps to access the microphone is enabled.
    1. If it is disabled, and you are not able to change it, please reach out to your IT department, as this is usually something that requires administrator rights.  You can also give us a call and we can see if we can make the necessary changes, but may still need to refer you to your IT.  Using the MobileMic may be a good workaround while you sort this out with IT. 


Sometimes, especially when making this change on a remote computer, you will need to quit Talkatoo and relaunch it before it registers this change.