Talkatoo Auto Records

Record a note, or your entire appointment with our mobile app, and retrieve a customizable, automatically-generated SOAP note!

How it works

Getting Started

Recording a Note

What to Record

Submitting your note


Next Steps

Assigning Scribe Permissions

What are Auto Records?

Talkatoo Auto Records allows you to record on your mobile device without needing to be at your computer, or even with a good internet connection! 

Think of Auto Records as a modern version of using a Dictaphone, or voice recorder, to record your notes, and then handing it off to a transcriptionist.

Once you've recorded and submitted your record, within a minute, you'll be able to access a customizable, intelligently formatted SOAP note based on what you said, in the Talkatoo Web Portal.  You, or anyone of your choosing, can then review, edit and ultimately copy the note to your practice management software. 

How it works

Assuming you have internet access on your device, the recording will automatically be uploaded and transcribed right away, placing the text both back in the note on your device as well as making it available in your web portal, which allows collaboration - more on that later. 

If you do not have internet access at the time of the recording, maybe because you're a mobile vet and you're way out in the countryside or maybe because you're using an iPad that only has a Wi-Fi connection, that's ok too.  As soon as you are back online, and the Talkatoo app on your device is open, it will upload and transcribe any notes you've previously recorded.   

You can then access your Auto Records on the Talkatoo Web Portal, or have someone else do it for you. 

Getting Started

If you've used the Talkatoo MobileMic before, you've already got the correct app to be able to use Auto Records.  If not, download it for iOS or Android

Once installed, sign in to your existing Talkatoo account, and you'll start off on the Notes page.

If you don't see this screen, ensure you have the latest version from your App Store.



Recording a Note

Click the microphone to get started.

This will start a new note, and automatically start recording so you can begin speaking right away. 

When dictating, there is no need to speak your punctuation, as the text will be formatted and punctuation added as needed in the final note seen in the Web Portal. 

You can stop the dictation, and then start it again, either right away, or come back to it anytime until you have submitted, to continue with the same note.  This can be helpful if, for example, you are waiting on test results or updates throughout the day.

This will create a new segment.  Each segment is kept separate until the entire note is submitted.  You can click on each segment listed, and see the text, playback the audio, or delete the segment entirely. 

Once a note has been submitted, you can no longer add or remove segments. 


Adding Details (optional)

Once you submit your record, a title will automatically be created based on the context of the note, usually along the lines of the patient's name and the reason for their visit. 

If you would like to set your own title, or other related information, you can do so under Note Details, but this is not usually necessary. 

You can edit these details both here in the app, and in the web portal after you submit the note, so if you forgot a piece of information, such as the patient ID, or a special note on how you want the note input, you can simply add it here, instead of creating a new note. 

Note that when using the SOAP note formatting, this information will be hidden.

What to Record

Now that you know how to start recording a note, the question is what you will record, and you have choices now!

You can record a classic summary of a visit, similar in form to how you would if you were typing it out or dictating directly onto your computer.  Ideally this would be done after each visit, but we know that's not always possible.  

The other option is to just record your entire visit!  That's right, you can now turn on Talkatoo and start recording as soon as you enter the exam room, and it will capture and intelligently summarize what both you and the client have said. 

For best results, ensure that the phone is placed face up between you and the client, as opposed to being kept in a pocket, or too far away. 

Whatever you decide to record - and don't worry, you're free to mix and match, ie record the entire visit for some clients, and do your own notes afterwards for others -  Talkatoo will by default generate a SOAP note based on everything it heard.  

When recording information about the various body systems, you only need to mention what is abnormal.  The rest will be filled in using your personal, customizable defaults, which can be specified for each body system separately.  

Submitting your Note

Whether you've dictated a note about your last visit, or recorded the entire visit, you can submit it by clicking the Submit button at the top when you're done. 

If are online, it will process the recording within a minute or so, and display the text of your dictation. You may need to go back and then come into the note again to see the updated text.

If you are offline when you submit the note, it will submit once you are back online.  

You will not see formatted SOAP Notes or even the punctuation here in the app view, as this is only available on the Web Portal. 


There are a series of statuses that a note can be in, indicating where it is in it's journey from draft to completed.   To see updated statuses, refresh your app by swiping down on the screen.  


Until you submit your note, it will be in the draft stage.  That means you can come back to it and add more notes, and then submit it as one Note.  You can also delete a draft, but not any notes once submitted, you can only archive them.  

Awaiting Review

This first status means that it has been submitted, but not yet reviewed in any way.  

In Review

A scribe has started working on this note, but it has not yet been completed.

Needs Attention*

This status alerts you as the Note taker that the scribe has a question about the note. 

This will show this note near the top of your list of notes. 
By clicking on it, you can respond to the scribe. 


Once the issue has been marked as resolved, it will no longer show the red indicator.

In time, this status will also trigger a notification, but for now, you will need to refresh the app from time to time by swiping down to get the latest statuses of all of your recent notes. 

*Note that you will only see this as a Verified customer. 

Verified and in PMS

Indicates that the note has been finalized and been placed into your Practice Management Software.  You will still see it in the app until it has been archived, which hides it. 

All notes aside from Completed will show under Active on your mobile app. Click In PMS to see the Completed notes, 

Next Steps

The next step depends if you, or someone else will be working with the transcriptions, making any necessary adjustments, and eventually moving them to your own software.  

If you will be accessing your own notes in the portal, see the article on how you can retrieve and work with the note once it's been submitted.  If the plan is to have someone else, such as a tech or admin staff handle that part, they shall henceforth be known as the scribe, and there are two things they will need: A Talkatoo Account, and Scribe Permissions assigned to that account.  

A Talkatoo Account

To be able to access the Talkatoo Web Portal, the user needs a Talkatoo account under the same plan as you, the note taker's.  They do not need to have Dictation permissions assigned, which is the paid part of a license. 

If you are the account owner, or have User Management permissions, you can access the Talkatoo Web Portal and invite them, removing the Dictation permission.  If you do not have the ability to invite users, you will have to ask someone who does.  

Assigning Scribe Permissions

Once the scribe has a Talkatoo account, you need to add them as a scribe. Currently that requires you to reach out to us for assistance. Soon this function will be available in the portal as well.  

    Verified by Talkatoo

    If you don't want to do anything other than see your patients and record your note, but can't spare anyone on your staff, we also offer a full service feature called Verified by Talkatoo. 

    This allows you to dictate your note, and leave the rest to our team of certified veterinary scribes, including putting the completed record in to your Practice Management Software! 

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please give our Sales team a call at 1-855-866-2156, and they can tell you more about it.  


    Please note that this is still a new product and you may encounter some unexpected behaviour, or error messages.  We always appreciate you letting us know about them, which you can do by going to the Settings tab at the bottom and clicking Report a Bug.  Please include a description of the issue, as well as any screen shots. 

    Also note that as this software is making use of generative AI, it is important to proofread your records to ensure that the information presented has been accurately captured.