Access and Management of your Auto Records (formerly Notes)

Using Auto Records in the Talkatoo Web Portal

This article will go through the capabilities of the Portal side of Talkatoo Auto Records. 

How It Works 

Main View

Anatomy of a Note

Different Statuses

Active and Archived

How It Works 

Talkatoo Auto Records allows you to record from an Android or iOS device and have it appear here in the portal, intelligently formatted as a SOAP Note!  You can either summarize a meeting, or record the entire visit from start to finish!
Find out more about using the Mobile app to record notes

Whether you're the one who recorded the notes in the first place, or you were given access to a user's notes as a scribe, you should now be able to see submitted notes in the Notes section of the Talkatoo Web Portal.  

Main View

The main view of the notes page will show you any notes for which you are an assigned scribe, as well as your own.  

Kanban (Alternate) View - new

Kanban is an organizing principle using cards on a board in various categories to show the progression of items through a system. 

Choose which view you want using the toggle on the top right  


In the main view, you can sort your notes by clicking on any of the headers (Title, Date, Recorded By, Status).  Clicking once will sort in ascending order (low to high, A-Z), and clicking a second time will sort in descending order (high to low, Z-A). Clicking a third time will stop sorting by that field.


In both views, you can choose the notes you want to see by clicking the filter icon    

You can then filter by one or more of date range, who the note was recorded by, and the status (not available in Kanban) of the note.  Remove the filters by clicking Clear Filters.  Filtering of the statuses in Kanban view is done by clicking the arrow in the top left corner of each section. Along with the orientation of the text, a down-facing arrow indicates it is open, right-facing indicates it is hidden. 

Anatomy of a Note

At the top is the toolbar for audio playback.  The right side shows the status and the ability to change statuses.  Below that are any details or messages passed in to the scribe along with the note. 


From left to right you can do the following (keyboard shortcuts in parentheses):

Go back 5 seconds  (CTRL+ J)

Play (CTRL+ K) 

Go forward 5 seconds (CTRL+ L)

Adjust the volume

Adjust the playback speed - from .5x to 2x

Formatted SOAP Note Template

The main section in the middle will show the formatted SOAP note (Template View) by default.  You can edit these fields directly, and then copy each section individually, or as a whole using the Copy Entire Note button at the top of the note. 

The transcript provided will be automatically broken up into the 4 sections of a SOAP note.  The Subjective, Assessment and Plan sections will be formatted as is, often using lists or other formatting options to make it easy to read. 

The Objective field will collect all of the relevant information and place it into this  template:

If you do not mention any of these vital signs, they will be left blank.  If you do not mention a body system, the default normal will appear, which is Within normal limits.

While the fields that appear are not customizable, the Physical Exam default answers are.  You can change each body system's default to be however you prefer it to appear, so that if you do not mention a system, it will be filled in how you want it. 


Editing Defaults

You can edit these defaults by clicking on Settings on the left, and then editing each field, or if you want to change them all to something different, eg WNL, you can edit one and then click Copy to all to propagate the changes. 

If you edit a field and realize you didn't want to, as long as you have not moved the cursor out of that field, you can click the Refresh button immediately to the right of the field. Windows' undo command of CTRL+Z (Windows) or COMMAND+Z (Mac) will also work.  

These changes are saved automatically.  

Changes made to these defaults will only affect records Submitted after the changes were made.  

Unformatted Transcript

The default view for a note is a formatted SOAP note.  To see and edit the text itself with no formatting, you can click Text View on the top right side. 

The text shown here is Talkatoo's first pass at transcribing what was said in the note itself, meaning you only have to read it over, and make any corrections.  

If the note taker has Spoken Punctuation enabled on their device, and speaks punctuation such as period, comma and question mark, it will show this punctuation here. 

If you click Show Original, you can see the 'raw' text, that is without any punctuation replaced, capitalizations or other changes. 


These are the optional notes that a note taker can leave to help a scribe find the correct patient, give context or guidance on where or how it should be filed, or anything else.  These fields are editable even after submitting a note.

Note that these fields are only shown in Text View, not for SOAP notes.


On the top left is where you can manage the current status of the note on it's journey.  See below for a summary of all of the various statuses, and the order. 

Moving through the Statuses

Aside from the Draft status that a recorder will see, there are numerous other statuses that document a Note's journey through the system. 


The only time you will see any notes in the portal marked as Draft is when you are the one who created it, but you have not yet submitted it on the mobile app. 

While you are able to see these entries, you can not see the transcription, nor listen to the audio until it has been submitted.  You can submit the draft here in the portal, or from the mobile Device

Awaiting Review

When a note is submitted, this first stage means that it has been submitted, but not yet reviewed in any way.  Here you would open the note and click Begin Review to start editing.

In Review

A scribe has started working on this note, but it has not yet been completed.

Needs Attention

This status is what tells a Note taker that the scribe has a question about the note. 
As the scribe, if you are unsure of what was said or it's unclear what was meant, you can click Note needs attention (above the status changer) .
This allows you to message the user who will be alerted.  The user can then respond.  
On the main screen, any Notes with the status of Needs Attention will always appear at the top, regardless of sorting.  

Currently the user must refresh the app to see this message so for the time being you should also let them know some other way such as text, if the note is time sensitive

You will know a user has responded because a number will appear beside it:

This means a user has responded with 2 messages.


You can then reply if needed, and resolve the issue. 


Completed In PMS

Completed indicates that the note is done and ready to be archived. 

Active/In PMS and Archived

Once a Note has been marked as Completed, you will no longer see it in the main screen by default.  Below the list of notes, you will see options for View Notes In PMS
and View Archived Notes.

Notes in PMS

Once you set a note to this status, it indicates that it's been completed, however since it still shows up on the Doctor's app, this is meant more as a temporary holding area.  As the scribe you should communicate with your doctor to address how they would like these to be handled, such as to archive the note right away, end of the day, or to leave it for a set amount of time.  

The opposite of Notes in PMS is Active Notes, which is just your regular view. 


Setting a note as archived means that it will be hidden from view both here on the Talkatoo Web Portal, as well as on the Mobile App.  All other statuses are still visible on the Mobile App.   


Please note that Auto Records is still a new product and you may encounter some unexpected behaviour.  We always appreciate you letting us know about any issues you experience, which you can do in the dashboard section of the Talkatoo Web Portal on the right side, under Success and Support.  Please include a description of the issue, as well as any screen shots. 

Also note that as this software is making use of generative AI, it is important to proofread your records to ensure that the information presented has been accurately captured.