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Using the Admin Panel to Manage Talkatoo

Manage your subscription, payment details, users and invoices in the Talkatoo Admin Panel

Our self-serve Talkatoo Administration Panel is available at


You can also access it by clicking Login on Talkatoo.com, or from within Talkatoo by clicking the 3 dots > Settings > Update Profile.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard page gives you a top level view of your plan, next payment date and the amount you will be charged, as well as the number of active, invited and available users.

Managing Users

Managing users in Talkatoo is now much more robust and flexible.  When you create a user, you can choose any combination of the following permissions 

  • Dictate,
  • Manage users,
  • Manage the billing.

These changes address the need for the following type of users:

  • An administrator or practice manager who needs to manage the account, but may not be dictating.
  • An accountant who needs to be able to access the billing statements, but may not be dictating.

Adding new users

To invite a new user:

  1. Click Invitations on the left.  
  2. Click Invite Users (upper right)
  3. Enter their email address
  4. Choose which permissions they should have*
  5. Click InviteTalkatoo Invite Options
Now when you invite a user, you can choose right away which permissions they will have.  You can assign any combination of Dictation, User Management, and Billing Management to ensure you get the most of out your licenses.   
  • Dictation: User will be able to dictate
  • User Manage: User will be able to invite new users, as well as remove, and edit existing users.  
  • Billing Manage: User will be able to view statements, update payment information, and upgrade plans.  

A common scenario is that an accountant or manager needs access to the billing section to change payments, or view invoices, but won't be dictating.  As long as they do not have dictation selected, this will not count against your licenses. 

Simply invite them like this:

The user will receive an email invitation to create their account, and download Talkatoo. 

If the user you have invited has ever used Talkatoo before with this address, they will see a message that the account exists.  If their account is expired, they can simply choose Accept Invitation.  If they are the main account holder of an active, paid subscription, they will need to contact our team to end that subscription first.  

If they do not remember their password, they can reset it from the login page, or you can send them a password reset email from the Users page, after they have accepted the invitation. 

Note that if you signed up with an account that will not be used for dictation, you can also remove the dictation rights for your account, allowing you to add another dictation user.  

If you purchased a single user plan, or already have all of your users allotted, you must do this before inviting the user.  

Editing users

To edit permissions for a user that already exists, you can click on the permissions line and change the permissions right in the dropdown. 

If a user needs to change their name, they can do so by logging into the portal themselves.  Email addresses are not editable at this time.  You can either remove and re-invite the user, or you can contact us to edit the email address.

Editing Multiple Users

If you need to update multiple users' permissions at once, select them using the checkboxes on the left, and then click Actions > Change Permissions.

You are only able to grant permissions that your account has.  For example, to grant billing manage permissions, a user must possess those permissions.

Removing a user

If a user has left, you can delete their account from within the User page by checking the box next to their name, then clicking the Actions > Remove User.  This will free up a slot to be able to add a new user now, or in the future.

Managing your subscription

If you are already a customer and need more users than your current plan allows, you can upgrade your plan from within the portal.  At this time, you can only upgrade your plan on the portal.  If you need to downgrade or end your subscription, please contact us directly at 1-855-886-2156 or reach out on the chat.


You are able to view and download PDF versions of your previous invoices by going to the Billing History link

If you discover any issues or errors in the administration portal, we would be grateful if you let us know by sending an email to support@talkatoo.com