Can I still use my keyboard?

How does using Talkatoo and your keyboard together work?

Talkatoo works the same as a keyboard to enter text, but it's important to know how to interact with both devices to prevent unintentional consequences.

How it works

When you dictate with Talkatoo, it creates a 'stream' that includes all the words and punctuation you've spoken in the current dictation.  This stream is based solely on what you say, and Talkatoo has converted into text.  If you press Enter, period or any other input key on the keyboard while Talkatoo is typing, it will insert it where the cursor is at the time.  Taking into account the Live Corrections feature of Talkatoo, it can introduce errors into the text.  Here's an example:

What happened?

What happens here is that I pressed the Enter key in the middle of the sentence, and then when Talkatoo went to make a correction, it did not know to take the Enter that I had added manually with my keyboard, into account.  This added a character to the text on the screen, making it one larger than the stream of text, which resulted in one too few characters being removed when it tried to make the correction.  

A better way

A better way to accomplish that would be to use the New Line or  New Paragraph keywords while speaking.  This will add the punctuation into the stream and allow it to be accounted for:


That's great for punctuation for which we have keywords, such as adding a period or a new line, but what about corrections, or other punctuation we have not yet added? 

For any other adjustments for which we do not have a voice command, the best way to handle this is to wait to make your edits until the dictation has completed, and you have stopped Talkatoo from listening.  This way you know it will not interfere or create errors if it continues to make live corrections.