What are Live Corrections?

Why does Talkatoo erase and retype what I'm dictating? This is Talkatoo making corrections.

When you start dictating, you may notice that Talkatoo will occasionally backspace some or all of the text it has written.  Don't be alarmed.  These are what is known as Live Corrections.  The artificial intelligence in our software makes a first pass on what you have said, but then additional rules we have in place go back to modify certain parts, such as words you have added to MyWords and other contextual corrections.  

If you find this too distracting, or just do not want to see it, you can turn off the toggle switch for Live Corrections in the settings menu.

The result of this will be that no text will appear until you have finished speaking for 1-2 seconds, and then the text will be written out in it's final form, so you can be sure it will not change again. 


See this video for a side by side comparison of Live Corrections (formerly known as Interim Results) on or off.