I get "Failed to Extract Installer" when installing Talkatoo

There are two known causes of this error.

There are two reasons this is known to happen:

  1. A corrupted installer folder
  2. Antivirus is interfering. 

Delete the installation folder

Talkatoo uses an installer called Squirrel, as do some other programs.  Occasionally, artifacts from other programs can interfere with the Talkatoo install process.

  1. Click start and type or paste the following (including the percent signs):
  2. Press Enter
  3. Once it opens that folder, find the folder called SquirrelTemp.
  4. Right click on SquirrelTemp and Delete. 
  5. Now try installing Talkatoo from the download again and it should work.  


If the above step doesn't help, it is likely your antivirus is getting in the way.  This can be the case whether it's a new install, or it was working last week.  In nearly all cases of antivirus interfering with Talkatoo, it is either AVG or Avast.  See this article for troubleshooting information, including exclusions to add.  

If you're still experiencing issues, contact us at support@talkatoo.com or call 1-855-886-2156.