Which user plan is right for me?

Talkatoo is not just for veterinarians.  Anyone who does a lot of typing can benefit from, and use Talkatoo.

You should choose your plan based on the number of staff (i.e veterinarians, techs, administrators, etc.) in your clinic.

For example, if you have 2 vets and 6 additional staff members who could dictate, you should choose the 'Golden Retriever' plan, which allows up to 10 users. 

All prices can be seen on our pricing page.

How do the multi-user plans work?

Our multi-user plans were designed to be affordable enough so everyone, not just veterinarians, can dictate their notes and communications. 

For example, when you sign up for the Border Collie plan, you get up to 5 licenses, for about the same price as 2 single users.  Whether 2 or 5 users dictate, it's the same price to you. 

With all of our plans, there is no limit to the number of computers you can install Talkatoo on, just the number of users at one time.


Our licensing model is meant to be flexible.  This means that if each of the users want their own account, that's totally fine.  If however your clinic uses multiple exam rooms or shared computers, we can setup a shared account for everyone to use, so they don't have to login and out each time they move computers.   Or any combination of the above

Best of all, if you're already on a single user plan, you can upgrade at any time and all charges will be prorated.  See this article for more information

What's Included?

Everything is included in the monthly price you pay.  There is never any additional cost for setup, support, or training.  The only fee we don't cover is your coffee.