Talkatoo on different Windows' user accounts

Talkatoo installs directly to Windows user accounts

Easy to install

This means that users can usually install it themselves, even on servers or computers where they do not have installation rights.  

Install for Everyone

This also means that for each unique login on a computer, Talkatoo needs to be installed and maintained.  Updates to one user's Talkatoo does not update all of them.  


Like many other Electron apps, such as Slack and Spotify, Talkatoo is not installed into the usual Program Files (or Program Files (x86)) folders, but rather directly into the individual user's AppData Local and Roaming folders:

%appdata%\Talkatoo - Stores the profile data, config file etc.

%localappdata%\Talkatoo - Stores the application itself

All Talkatoo files are stored in one of these two locations.


On Mac, in addition to the application folder contents:
~\Library\Application Support\Talkatoo - Stores the profile data, config file etc.

~\Library\logs\Talkatoo - Stores the Talkatoo logs.