How to use 'My Words'

Create your own custom dictionary


Important Update April 17 2024

We are in the process of rolling out a brand new, specialized speech model.  This model includes words that have been reported to us in the past, as well as many other optimizations, and will provide much better overall accuracy.   

Having too many unnecessary words in MyWords has a detrimental effect on the accuracy with this new model, and so between Wednesday April 17th and Monday April 22nd we will be temporarily disabling MyWords.  

On Monday, April 22, MyWords will be archived, then reenabled with a blank slate with more power than before.

If you have a large list of MyWords that are unique and are not recognized on the new model, you can reach out to us for assistance in recovering and restoring the list. 


If you have a word that is not being reliably recognized, or has a unique spelling, you can add it either as a single word or as part of a commonly used phrase, or both, to help Talkatoo recognize it.

With My Words, you're not programming Talkatoo, as it almost certainly already knows the word you're having trouble with. You're helping Talkatoo to prioritize the word over other similar sounding possibilities.  

See the video below for an example.

    The other possibility is that Talkatoo is expecting the word to be pronounced differently.  One good way to check if you're pronouncing it correctly is to Google the word and pronunciation. e.g. "Hematochezia pronunciation".  For other tips on improving the accuracy of dictations in Talkatoo, see this article.

    If there is a word that you have added to My Words, and you are positive you are pronouncing it correctly, but it's still not being transcribed, you can report it by clicking A word I entered isn't working... at the top of My Words.  

    Syncing to Multiple Computers

    If you use Talkatoo on multiple computers with the same user account, your My Words list will be available to all computers.  However, at this time they are not synced in real-time; the words will only appear on another computer if you quit Talkatoo and relaunch it on the second computer (the one where you want the words to appear).  

    Multi User Accounts

    If you have a multi-user account, it's important to note that My Words are individual to each login, and not synced between accounts.

    To allow you to share words between individual accounts, we allow you to import the words using a CSV file.  See this article for more information.