Will Talkatoo work in my Practice Management Software?

YES! Talkatoo will work everywhere you can type.

One of the most common first questions we get is "Will Talkatoo work in my Practice Management Software?"

It's an understandable question because previous dictation software needed to be specifically integrated into your software, and there were still usually some fields that just would not work.  No more, though.  Talkatoo emulates your keyboard, so you can dictate absolutely anywhere you can type.

Talkatoo will work in all of the big names:

  • AviMark
  • Cornerstone
  • EzyVet
  • eVet
  • Impromed Infinity
  • Vetport
  • DVmax
  • Digitail
  • VIA
  • Clientrax
  • Neo
  • Hippo
  • Vetter
  • IntraVet

But it will also work with the obscure PMS that your company or region forces you to use.  It will work with your custom developed software.  Literally anywhere you can type, you can use Talkatoo. 

This also means that you can use Talkatoo to write client communication emails in either a browser or email application such as Outlook, use Microsoft Word or Open Office to write a paper or a novel, write posts on Twitter, Facebook or other web forums, and even instant messaging apps like Slack or MS Teams.  Here at Talkatoo we really believe you can talk, not type.