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Why does Talkatoo only type 'a's instead of what I said?

When remoting from a Mac this occurs by default, but there is an easy fix


Currently when remotely connecting to another computer from a Mac using Microsoft Remote Desktop, with Talkatoo installed locally on your Mac, you may see only the letter a typed into the remote window instead of the letters you are expecting.  This does not affect local dictation on the Mac.  

Note this is specific to Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is a result of how macOS handles keypresses, and is not specific to Talkatoo.


"This is a test"

results in



This is a known issue with Mac, but there is an easy fix for it. 

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to enable Unicode Mode as mentioned above simply by pressing CTRL+COMMAND+U.  You will see a small popup that says UNICODE and then Talkatoo will work as expected.   You can also use the menu option under Preferences > Keyboard Mode. 

You only need to do this once per connection on each computer, as the setting will be remembered.