What is Talkatoo?

Talkatoo is desktop dictation software that augments your current workflow by using speech-to-text capability with specialized vocabularies.

Talkatoo is quick to install, easy to use, and provides highly accurate dictation results. It also:

  • works on both Windows and Mac computers,
  • works in any program – there's no integration or special setup required,
  • knows the words you use the most; when there's a word it doesn't recognize, you can add it to your custom vocabulary, 
  • is a small, cloud-based app that discreetly hangs out on top of all your programs, so you can always access it,
  • allows you to speak your punctuation for full control, or you can let the software handle it based on the rhythm of your speech, 
  • works in most environments, including over remote desktop, and on servers, and
  • has a very quick learning curve – you can start dictating in under two minutes!

See the quick demo below to see it in action


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