Using the MSI for a server install

We do have an .msi available

This article is meant for IT departments to roll out Talkatoo. 

Talkatoo has an MSI installer available for installing Talkatoo on a server.


The MSI is not linked directly on the website, but you can access it by changing the extension of the download path from .exe to .msi: The latest is always available here.

Installing Talkatoo

To install Talkatoo on a server for each individual user, follow these steps:

  1. Run the MSI installer as an admin on the server, and it will install to all user profiles, including ones created afterwards, the next time they log in.
  2. You will not get an install starting right away, rather the installer will launch and install the next time the users log onto that Windows account.  No interaction is required, it should only take a few seconds. 
  3. If you uninstall Talkatoo for a user, it will not try to reinstall on the next log in.  This is due to a file (.dead  ) left behind at %localappdata%\talkatoo: 
    1. This file is left behind whether installed via the deployment tool, or the regular .exe
    2. That file or the entire %localappdata%\talkatoo can be safely deleted, and if the deployment tool is still installed, it would then attempt to reinstall on the next log in.

Updating Talkatoo

Installations from the MSI will still update automatically as normal (updates download when available and automatically update during next launch).  

Note that the version of Talkatoo installed by the Deployment Tool will be the version that was current at the time of release.  To have it install the latest version automatically, you would have to uninstall the Deployment Tool and install the latest version.

Removing Deployment Tool

To stop this ongoing installation for new users, you would uninstall "Talkatoo Deployment Tool” from Add/Remove Programs.

This will not affect installations already completed by the deployment tool.