Talkatoo Dictation Assistant (TaDA!)

TaDA uses AI to do whatever you ask it to!

What is TaDA and what can it do?

The Talkatoo Dictation Assistant, or TaDA, is now an intelligent, conversational AI.  Tell TaDA to write a full email, fill in any template, rewrite any text, and anything else you can think of!   

Using TaDA differs slightly in that it is done in a Talkatoo window instead of directly into your program.  Once you have results you're satisfied with, you can copy it, and then paste it anywhere you like.  

How to use TaDA


Before we start, a quick disclaimer

While we have taken precautions, because this feature is relatively new, and because it relies on artificial intelligence, it is important to proofread any output carefully to ensure nothing was incorrectly modified, or that significantly changes the meaning of the text.  

If you do run into a change that you feel is incorrect and potentially changes the meaning of your text, please let us know immediately.  The best way to do this is email, including the before and after text or at least screenshots of both versions.  See here for how to access the previous text. 


To start using TaDA, Click on the plus sign on the Talkatoo bar.  

Clicking the plus sign will expand the toolbar into this larger window.   

 This is where you will dictate, instead of directly into your software. 
This is where you will dictate, instead of directly into your software. 


Now you're ready to tell it what to do.  

You do not need to speak punctuation, as all of that will be handled automatically.  

Let's start off by dictating a note:

Once you stop the dictation, it will take it and format it appropriately, making any necessary corrections.  

Carry on a conversation

What makes this tool so powerful is that it is conversational.  This means that it knows what you've already asked (within this same session), so you can ask it to add or refine something without starting over.  

Automatically fill in any of your templates. 

You can use your Talkatext the same way you would normally, by saying "insert <Talkatext name>".  It will insert it right into the note.  If it's a template, you can go on to direct Talkatoo to fill it in with the previous note.  It's smart enough to know exactly what you mean.  


To take it a step further, you could then direct it to "Also write an email to the owner, Bill Smith, outlining our findings, recommendations and treatment".  This will generate a professionally written and well formatted email that you can copy and paste directly into your email program. 


It's incredibly powerful software, and has the potential to save you a ton of time everyday!


Once you are happy with the note, you can hover over any sections of the note you want to keep, and click the copy button that appears on the top right.

Then navigate to whichever program and text field in which you want the text, and paste it in. 

Faster copying and pasting
While some programs offer you the ability to right click (Control + Click on Mac) and then choose Copy or Paste, a much faster option is the built in keyboard shortcuts which can be used anywhere:


Paste text by holding down Ctrl and pressing, then releasing the letter V.
You can also copy text that is selected using Ctrl and the letter C.


Paste text by holding down command () and pressing, then releasing the letter V.
You can also copy text that is selected using command and the letter C.


A session is the sequence of communication between you and TaDA, including any replies or additional requests.  Within a session, you can refer to earlier posts, as when we inserted the template above, and then told it to fill in this template with the note from above. 

It is a good practice to start a new session when moving on to a new subject or client to avoid confusion.  

New Session

To start a new session, click New + on the top right.  This will clear the existing session, so you can't reference  

Previous Session

If you close the session or move on before getting the text you need, you can click <Prev  on the top left to go back to previous sessions.  Note that once you quit Talkatoo, or restart the computer, these sessions are gone, so ensure you are copying them right away. 

Collapsing/hiding the window

If you need to hide the large window and return to the regular small Talkatoo bar, you can click Collapse.  Whether you're done using it, or just need to be able to see what's behind it

This will cause the window to be hidden, but it will not delete any existing text, which will still be there if you open it back up, so if you need to see some information behind the window, you can safely collapse it without losing anything.  

Moving the window

With the Assistant open, you can click and drag the top bar to move the entire window around.  Be careful not to click Sign Out. Clicking on top of your name and dragging the window is the safest option. 

Accessing the Menu

You can still access the menu by clicking on the 3 dots, or the word Menu.  The menu will look a bit different, as it takes up the entire window, but will function the exact same.  


As this is still a relatively new feature of Talkatoo, and is using Artificial Intelligence, be sure to proofread all output, and please let us know if you run into any issues or bugs by emailing us at