How can I report an error with Talkatoo?

Get the log file and contact Support

If you are experiencing an error or some sort of undesirable behaviour with Talkatoo, we want to know.  The best way to let us know is by submitting your description of what is happening, and the log file, which should help us narrow down the issue.  The location of the log is different for Windows and Mac, so see below.

Note that the log file is overwritten each time the software is relaunched, so please gather the log right away.  If you don't have time to send it off at the time, please drag it to your desktop so it is not overwritten.

As of Talkatoo 2.0, we have a new hidden shortcut to be able to access the log file that works on both Mac and Windows.  Open the Support page from the Talkatoo toolbar, and click in the bottom right corner - there is no marking there until you click on it.


  1. Copy the following path (including percent signs):  %appdata%\talkatoo\logs
  2. Click Start and press CTRL + V to paste the link you copied above
  3. Press Enter and it will open up your Windows Explorer view
  4. Send us the file: talkatoo.log 


  1. Go to Finder
  2. Click Go (at the top).
  3. Press Option on your keyboard and Library should appear in the list of options under Go
  4.  Open Library, then the Logs folder, then Talkatoo
  5. Send us the file: talkatoo.log 


Feature requests, questions or issues can be submitted using our support form, by email ( or from within the app by accessing Support from the main menu.