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Mac OSX Accessibility Settings Preventing Talkatoo from typing

Talkatoo seems like it is working, but does not type anything on Mac.

Normally when installing Talkatoo your Mac OSX should prompt you to configure the security settings it requires, but sometimes it is not able to.

  1. Click the Apple icon on the top left of your screen.
  2. Click Security & Privacy, then click the Privacy tab.
  3. Click Accessibility from the menu on the left, and locate Talkatoo
    1. It should be checked.  If there is no check mark, click the lock icon on the lower left,
    2. Enter your credentials when prompted,
    3. Check the box next to Talkatoo.
  4. Click Microphone (if listed) from the menu on the left, and ensure Talkatoo is checked here as well.
  5. Quit Talkatoo and relaunch it.

This will take care of most of the times where the waveform in Talkatoo moves, but nothing is typed , however there are other possible causes.  See here for further troubleshooting steps.